How does your sales and service garden grow?

Your sales and service teams are like a garden, filled with a variety of unique personalities and skills that make or break your customer's experience every day. Are you growing a profitable, exceptional, and strategic garden? Or do you lack the resources and budget to effectively manage the teams that make up your garden?

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Changing Call Center Agent Behavior

There is no bigger area in a call center to tackle than our ability to change agent behavior. It is central to every major issue in a contact center: NPS, Customer Effort, CSAT and Turnover just to name a few. No matter the analytics or technology, we all recognize that we ultimately deal with customers one call or transaction at a time.

A Contact Center Christmas Poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the center Not a creature was stirring, not even a printer; The headsets were hung by the cubicles with care, In hopes that not too many calls would be there.

The Four Steps to Changing Employee Behavior

One of the primary goals of any leader is to continually develop their staff. Improving employee performance typically requires some sort of sustainable change in behavior. If someone lacks empathy with their customers, they have to purposefully change their actions and statements to successfully close this performance gap. We’ve outlined four key steps to changing employee behavior.

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