Tamer Partners Corporation

tpc provides award winning enterprise product solutions and professional services to customer driven organizations. Our name is intentional. We form long term relationships with the people we do business with based on trust, integrity and a proven track record. These relationships become successful partnerships by delivering long-term sustainable results. Our area of expertise is enabling our customer to deliver the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost.

Our bouquet solutions enable our clients to deliver the highest quality for the least amount of cost thus driving profitability and high customer satisfaction. tpc personnel help you compete from a baseline of high integrity, high expertise and high energy.

Michael J. Tamer, CEO and President of tpc

Michael J. Tamer is a 25-year veteran of the customer contact industry. Michael is the author of the book, The Four-Minute Customer, and visionary who was at the forefront of contact center quality monitoring software development. Throughout his career, Michael has been teaching the benefits of quality to organizations all over the world, including the United States Senate. Michael has received honors for his career achievements including Call Center Magazine's Pioneer Award and induction into the Call Center Hall of Fame.