Customers at work....

by tpc| Mar 20, 2011 | Tags : customer organization

One of our clients, recently asked a question of their customer in response to a customer service interaction they had just completed. The question was; "What should "Tom" be proud of from your conversation?" Here is what that customer wrote:

"His attitude. He even answered the phone like he liked his job. How someone says hello to me seems to really affect how I feel for the rest of my dealings with that person. It is amazing how problems get solved quicker and more efficiently when you are dealing with someone like him."

How many times do we tell our employees that the tone of their voice matters? How often do we express that how you start a call goes a long way to how well you finish? How can we keep an employee focused on the fact that for the customer this is their most important issue and not simply one of "50" we will deal with today?

This customer communicated this information to "Tom" directly and with passion. Tom's behavior will be affected by this comment. Tom will remember this comment.

Will you?