One at a time...

by tpc| Sep 26, 2013 | Tags : customer organization prepared

Face it we are all a little selfish. Unfortunately it all too often starts first with me, myself and I and then we go from there. That singular focus on "ourselves" despite how hard we try to focus on others can be a strength in business. Our success can be changed by the individual actions and changes we make. Whether part of a small team or a large team our individual contributions make a difference. How well we do individually contributes to the team and the larger goals of our organization. Focusing on ourselves and our individual contribution in business is good for everyone. 

Ironically when we lead a customer service or sales organization it is one of the first things we forget. We get wrapped up in dashboards, charts, scores and the "big picture". Nothing wrong with that. If you are a leader it is required. What is also required is that we recognize that the "big picture" is made up of "tens-hundreds- thousands" of individuals. Each one can make or break your day. Each one connecting with "tens-hundreds-thousands" of the most valuable asset your company has; your customers. If you run a call center then you live each day knowing that your very worst employee will most likely talk to more customers today, this week and this month than the very best, "top", high "fallutin" sales or marketing person in your company will talk to in a year.

How well prepared are we to deal with the individuals in the organization that make up the "big picture"? We must not only have a strategy and plan. Our ability to "scale" and deal with each individual can be the difference between success and failure.

Your customers can help. Put them to work for you.