Words vs. Numbers

by tpc| Sep 23, 2010

Here is the test. Which would you rather have for customer experience feedback?

A. On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate our customer service? Score: 4.7 B. Customer response:" I like your company and you did a great job with our service. Your service representative George took some extra time and fixed my information so it would be easier to purchase again.

Most people would choose B.

How about this one?
A. On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate our customer service? ( 5,000 responses) Score: 4.7
B. Customer Response (1): Your representative George did a good job. He was typing while I was talking so I had to repeat myself a couple of times. Your competitor ABC Corporation is now offering a change in their services for a much shorter delivery time. I wish you folks would offer that.

Now which one would you pick? Which one is best for George?

Words as you know are powerful. Most executives want numbers. They "role up" much better than customer comments and words. For your front-line representatives, they want words. Words truly change behavior. Numbers are valuable but there are too many for a front-line representative. If you want behavior change, look for words from your customers.