Your call will NOT be monitored for quality assurance....

by tpc| Sep 20, 2013

It is a simple change:
Today: Your call may be monitored for quality and training purposes. Tomorrow: Your call will not be monitored for quality assurance; your opinion and advice is much more valuable than ours.

Let's face it. It is true. We spend our own money, use our own resources and evaluate our own performance knowing full well that there is someone else more credible, reliable and affordable; our customer. We know this yet for many we do nothing about it. We miss one very key component about this "obvious" perspective. What we miss is that our employees believe it as well.

What works better? Advice and direction (especially critique and request for change) from our managers and QA that we pay for or advice and direction from our customer. Not on a report or chart but real feedback and direction from our customers. It's okay; you can admit it because it is not even close. 10 times more valuable; 20 times? Do we hear 50? Our customers are more credible to us and more importantly our front-line employees.

Are you bold enough to change your announcement?