Bouquet is an enterprise management hosted solution that helps Fortune 1000 organizations synchronize their customers and frontline employees to produce an affordable world-class sales and service experience. This easy to use, scalable, and centrally managed platform provides tools to collect focused customer feedback, synchronize internal and external data, provide customer driven recommendations, verify coaching impact and improve effectiveness and efficiency of customer touchpoints.

Bouquet Enterprise Features

  • Multiple customer survey options for every channel
  • Offer customer surveys immediately after a contact
  • Accurately measure customer engagement
  • Customers participate in employee development and recognition
  • Quantitative, qualitative reports including alerts
  • Enable customers to target specific performance areas employees are trying to improve

Bouquet Enterprise Benefits

  • Increase manager effectiveness by introducing the voice of the customer into performance action plans
  • Understanding what creates loyalty and engagement
  • Delivering real time customer feedback to every level of your organization 

Using Bouquet, you can outsource your costs to your customers and allow them to improve customer experience while reducing your cost. By synchronizing your inside (employee management) with your outside (customer experience) you can reduce your costs and improve your performance. We make the frontline manager more efficient and more effective by utilizing the voice of the customer as a business tool to drive frontline performance.

The result? Your organization will deliver the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost.

Bouquet Enterprise: From high performance coaching, to customer quality management, employee assessment and customer experience, Bouquet Enterprise delivers a complete employee and customer synchronization platform.

Enterprise Design: Users are synchronized throughout the enterprise for high performance solutions and services.

Customer Quality Management: Outsource your quality management to your customers. Increase the relevancy of your quality monitoring by involving customers in the process. Managers can calibrate with the voice of the customer to provide more effective quality feedback sessions.

High Performance Coaching: Bouquet allows frontline managers to deliver targeted coaching to each individual employee using input from customers, peers, subordinates and personal direction.

Operational Day-to-Day Performance: Bouquet Enterprise is designed to work throughout the enterprise to deliver more successful meetings, huddles, one-on-ones and employee booster events. This allows organizations to sustain the positive momentum of a customer driven culture. Change management can be driven through these huddles and measured through the Bouquet manager portal.

Easy to Use: The Bouquet tool makes frontline management more effective by being easy to use. Simple, direct and efficient, the Bouquet tool makes managing easier and coaching more successful. This customer driven process to coaching removes the supervisor vs. employee barrier and creates a “what we can do” strategy to addressing customer needs.

RISK™ Assessment: tpc's trademarked RISK assessment program allows leadership to define, measure and take action to improve employee and enterprise performance. This proven methodology provides a “common language” for managers and employees resulting in clearer communication of performance objectives.

The Bouquet process


Customers assessing the employees they interact with, the products they use, and the overall company - at every channel!


Customers will help employees understand their strengths and unique areas that need improvement.


Employees receive targeted training to help improve in key areas.


Customers evaluate specific performance areas for every individual employee. Managers can evaluate learning through Bouquet testing modules.

  • Includes a robust survey engine that manages thousands of unique surveys daily.
  • Enterprise reporting of all key indicators with the ability to drill down and correct the performance gaps necessary to improve (Net Promoter, Customer Sat, and thousands of unique Individual Action Employee Surveys).
  • Fully hosted application - no hardware requirements.
  • Permission based web access for all employees.
  • Virtual Focus Groups, 360 Degree Leadership Surveys, Employee One on Ones and many more internal features.
  • Improves effectiveness and efficiency of customer touchpoints.