We love our clients and it is a privilege doing business with them. Take a look at some of their feedback.

“tpc helped E-470 to design and implement their  voice of the customer product, CDM Bouquet in record time with extraordinary success. tpc assisted in merging our Cisco after-call surveys with the CDM Bouquet surveys allowing us to receive more authentic after-contact customer feedback with exceptional speed. This relationship with tpc and our use of CDM Bouquet has provided E-470 the most in depth and accurate voice of the customer information our organization has ever gathered. Our customer relations and first call resolution statistics are remarkable.”
Deputy Executive Director and Director of Operations
E-470 Public Highway Authority

“CDM Bouquet has provided enormous value to not only the service we provide to customers by giving them a voice, but it has also empowered the representative’s ability to improve performance and take more pride in what they do. This is in addition to the efficiency it has brought to our current call QA process and the impressive real-time feedback. It’s often impossible to get a real accurate measure of your department’s performance by monitoring even 1% of a busy customer service center’s calls – and you’d have to hire one person just to QA to do so. CDM Bouquet is an excellent supplement to the QA process. Customers are so impressed that moments after they click the “submit” button, their feedback is in my e-mail inbox and I’m on the phone to address any issues with them. The best part is after that, I have the ability to then assign custom surveys and assignments based on the feedback I’m receiving to representatives.

 From implementation, any time I needed anything – all of the folks at Tamer were available, professional and eager to help. We easily integrated the basic reporting into department management reports for tracking and can quickly identify areas we are excelling and those that may require additional training. CDM Bouquet has taken our already top-notch service to an even higher level. Thank you Tamer Partners!”
South Bay Expressway (SBX)

“tpc’s CDM Bouquet solution has allowed us to completely transform our quality monitoring process. Our employees get scores and advice directly from their customers. We only have to focus on compliance monitoring internally, and our customers handle the rest!”
VP, Operations
“Thousands, yes thousands of our wonderful NTTA customers are coaching, encouraging, and advising our world class team of employees each month. The results are stunning.”
Director of Customer Service
“Since we implemented CDM Bouquet just three months ago, our Net Promoter Score has significantly increased, and our CSR satisfaction and call resolution scoring is more accurate. Most important, our CSRs are now seeing customer feedback immediately and their motivation level has improved significantly. We share the positive comments among all CSRs, generating a little bit of healthy competition and a whole lot of pride!”
AVP, Customer Relations
Tower Hill Insurance Group

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