Tamer Partners Corporation is bringing high impact, high content and high energy resources directly to the desktop of Executives, Front-Line Managers and Frontline Representatives. Access to TopRep libraries provides resources and articles that are revolutionizing business today. Whether you are new to the market, new to the position or simply seeking to expand your skills and knowledge, we challenge, engage and motivate employees at all levels to improve their skills in selling and servicing customers and prospects. Leaders are additionally equipped to build and direct valuable employees to new levels of success.

TopRep targets three distinct areas. These are new hires, useful resources, and tpc training programs and services.

Using our RISK teaching philosophy we build Relationships, Initiative, Skills and Knowledge:

Relationship: TPC believes strongly that all business contact is dependent on the connection made whether external or internally focused. This personal connection allows the process/problem/ sale to reach a successful conclusion.
Initiative: Attitude, energy, perspective and intensity are critical to establishing and building initiative in our players. The old expression of "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink" fits at all levels of an organization. This is never more serious than in sales and service environment. TPC focuses on initiative in every program.
Skills: Professional skills reinforced in an energetic and relevant format are remembered and available when needed. Skills learned then practiced and repeated drive standardization and enterprise performance. All sessions will build professional concepts and ideas that directly enhance performance.
Knowledge: Information is power. Sessions build the value of each participant by providing best of breed information to achieve intergalactic levels of sales and service. Valuable information delivered in a timely fashion across the enterprise increases quality and customer satisfaction.
Your team must be well rounded and capable to solve the challenges ahead of them. We often rely on our best to "react" to the situation. The challenge is we can never hire enough good people to react. We must lead our entire team to respond to the issues at hand. Our response must be professional and consistent across our entire enterprise. Sign up today.