Our best solution for growing discretionary effort and improving employee performance is our most valuable, affordable and available resource: the customer.

Customers can help your managers grow discretionary effort across frontline teams. Customers are accurate, passionate, credible, affordable and most important, almost infinite.

Customers are Accurate

Who better to tell you what they think and feel about the services you are providing them? Who better to tell you the unique attributes about your employees? Who better to help you teach key skills to your employees? Customers have a front row seat to all of your transactions. They understand uniquely their intent and expectations. There is no more accurate resource to provide direction and feedback.

Customers are Passionate

One of the key components of finding partners to help you grow your business is their level of passion. Have you fielded a complaint from a customer lately? They are passionate about how you treat them, your accuracy, your professionalism, and better ways to serve them. All you have to do is ask.

Customers are Credible

Who would you believe? A peer who listens to Quality Monitoring calls all day long day-in and day-out, or the actual customer? Customers provide instant credibility for feedback and direction on how to improve. The vast majority of your customers will provide accurate, reliable, and constructive feedback directly to the people who need it, your employees and their managers.

Customers are Affordable

Customers provide us feedback at little or no cost. Yes, we must gather the data but we do not pay benefits, sick time or FMLA. Customer feedback and direction is eminently affordable and attainable in your center.

Customers are Reliable

Customer show up, every day, to make contact and touch your organization. Their absentee and turnover rates are essentially zero. If you install Bouquet, they will come.

Customers are Almost Infinite

There are millions of customer transactions, all the time. In busy times, slow times, night times, new products, old products, test products, happy, sad, fair, and unfair, customers are there. You can get feedback from new customers, old customers, and potential customers. All of these customers may have multiple experiences to share. Thousands of customers can provide hundreds of thousands or even millions of pieces of advice.