Teleflora Recruits Customers to Coach Agents

To use the voice of the customer to improve their experience with the contact center, Teleflora man- agement decided to step back and allow customers to express their needs and wants directly to the frontline. Using an enterprise management solution called Customer Driven Manager (CDM), developed by Tamer Partners Corp., customers are recruited to coach Teleflora’s frontline agents on how to improve specific behaviors.

The True Nature of Call Centers

The call center industry is like no other. This market is built on a premise that a company usually has less than 240 seconds to solve a problem or gain an opportunity, either over the phone, on the Web, or with e-mail, using for the most part entry-level people in a situation with a 30 percent turnover rate. We have to create, delight, and retain customers in less time that it takes to boil an egg. We have to do it millions of times a year and with quality. In this industry, one extra second with a customer or client could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The Contact Center Garden

No matter how much we automate, transfer to self-support, or re-engineer, we are always going to have the privilege of working with customer service representatives. If you are a manager or agent today in a call center, then I am sure you are relieved to hear this. Every time some new form of automation is added, the benefits are usually substantial. In every instance where we automate or eliminate calls we are always left with a group of more complicated calls. This consistently makes the job of supporting, motivating, and training our call center staff more challenging.

E-470 Chooses CDM Bouquet

A new program means a new kind of “driving” for E-470 customers, who generated more than 50 million toll transactions per year. Now, when they call E-470 with an inquiry or concern about their tolls or toll accounts, they can help drive the quality of service they receive from the EXpressToll Service Center.

Thanks to an ambitious new “voice of the customer” initiative called Customer Driven Management (CDM), customers now have the ability to rate their customer service representative (CSR). CDM was developed by tpc--Tamer Partners Corporation.

CDM Bouquet Training hones contact center agent skills

Bouquet Training, a module in the Bouquet CDM platform, enables contact center managers to customize agent training courses based on customer feedback.